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“We do it in Naples, we do it better”

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"Class, dignity and elegance will never be out of fashion."

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“While processing our products, we wanted to keep faith with the canons of the ancient Neapolitan tailoring tradition.”

"The choice of the best fabrics, exclusive colors and designs make our ties unique in their realization."

Errico Formicola is a brand of high Neapolitan tailoring tradition . The most precious fabrics , the most accurate machining , the quality of finish , make each garment a high-class product.

Our production is set as if it were a tailor shop. The technical reason is that to obtain certain results in terms of fit we must necessarily work the garment with special steps and techniques typical of  canvassed garments, although is not our specialty.

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Formicola, tailors since 1935.

Founder Don Vincenzo Formicola was a man of notorious taste and elegance.

He loved to dress well and considered elegance in dress for a man as essential. At the time it was considered a "Gaga", a term used at the beginning of '900 which identified men who were distinguished above all in the way they dressed. Theirs was a dress code, curate to the smallest detail, original and quirky, yet very elegant.

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